I’m an assistant professor in the Department of Social Psychology at Tilburg University. I conduct research on the topic of false beliefs, predominantly using experimental methods and physiological measures. I’m also interested in methodology of psychological research and ways to improve how we conduct science. Besides research, I also teach courses on social psychology and methodology, including the statistical programming language R.

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tidystats is an R package to easily create a text file containing the output of statistical models. The goal of this package is to help researchers accompany their manuscript with an organized data file of statistical results in order to greatly improve the reliability of meta-research and to reduce statistical reporting errors.

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Many people believe in misconceptions: beliefs that are held contrary to scientific evidence. Do people only use 10% of their brains? Was Einstein bad at math? Do ostriches stick their head into the sand when they sense danger? The answer to these questions is no. I list many of these misconceptions and provide sources to explain where these false beliefs come from.

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This website was made with R Markdown and some custom CSS. Like what you see? Check out how I made it!

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